Practice Layouting (practicecherry) wrote in ljstyles,
Practice Layouting

flexible squares - header problem

Okay, I am using a premade layout by mintyapple this one, if it matters

And like every other layout I've ever used, I usually mess with it a little to try and make it "uniquely mine" It looks like practicecherry - this right now. But I'm having a problem with the header-

Here is what I want- I want the header to scroll with the content because I want it on the left side and it does cut off. I don't think it looks appealing because of the fact the image cuts off on the guys thighs and when it's just hanging there because it doesn't scroll, it doesn't look good.

Now... I got it to scroll... that's cool. BUT! Now that it scrolls, it goes underneath my background image. =/ Is there anyway to fix that? If not, I have another idea of how I want the layout to look. But if I could fix this, it would be greatly appreciated! If you need my edited css so you can exam it and compare it to the original, let me know. I'm just trying to get this fixed.
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